Durham School encourages Sixth Form pupils to apply to be a School Monitor, giving them the chance to take on responsibility and be a role model in school.

Our Sixth Form Societies

  • Durham School Lecture Series - Every year Durham School welcomes a number of guests who provide interesting and informative lectures and discussion groups on a variety of topics. Leading academics, prominent public figures authors and successful business people have all contributed to this exciting and ever-developing series which provides pupils with the opportunity to explore a range of thought-provoking and relevant issues.
  • Tristram Society – Aimed specifically at potential scientists, the Tristram Society offers targeted sessions focused on the world of science. Lectures from leading academics, seminars and visits allow pupils the opportunity to explore various scientific fields from a real-life, practical and hands-on perspective which will develop their understanding of the subject far beyond the confines of the A level syllabus.
  • Creighton Society – The Creighton Society is the Sixth Form History Society. It is run by pupils who invite visiting speakers, including academics, to address the group, in addition to hosting pupils talks and debates on historical topics.
  • Heretics Society - The Heretics Society gives pupils the opportunity both to present and debate heretical subjects. In each session, one pupil will present a defence of a controversial viewpoint before opening the subject up to debate and, ultimately, defending the argument, often against fierce opposition.
  • MedSoc – MedSoc is a newly formed group that aims to support and challenge pupils who are considering a career in the medical field; however, it is open to anyone with a general interest in applied science. The group is organised by pupils and involves a variety of provisions, including lectures from academics, practical ‘hands-on’ sessions at local universities, workshops with professionals relating to the various medical careers and tips on how to ensure a pupils’ application to study Medicine at university is as competitive as possible.

The academic societies at Durham School have given me a lot over my time here. I have been lectured by top professors in their field, giving me invaluable insight to my course and beyond the syllabus.

Seb, President of the Creighton Society

The Heretics Society is a platform to speak about a topic that's a bit controversial and try and convince everyone in the room, whether they're right or wrong. It’s a way to share something a bit different and it gives you the opportunity to try public speaking and to persuade people.

Matthew, Year 13

The Economics Society is a great place where people can come together and have challenging conversations about relevant topics. It’s a great opportunity for anyone, even those who do not do economics, to come and learn about economics and business, not only from their peers, but also the occasional guest speaker, which makes it a great thing to be involved with!

Timon, Head of the Economics Society