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Durham Cathedral Schools Foundation delivers independent, co-educational day and boarding experiences for pupils aged 3 to 18.

Confidence for life. Respect for all.

DCSF is a foundation of schools that provides pupils with a complete education. Our pupils leave with moral integrity, an ambition for achievement, a responsibility for their actions and a kindness to others.


Moral Integrity

We want our pupils to leave us as mature and responsible young men and women, imbued with the skills required to tackle the challenges ahead of them.

We strive to add value to each and every one of our pupils.



Durham School encourages pupils to be ambitious. We are in the top 3% nationally when it comes to the progress pupils make academically, and achieve high in the league tables in team sports.



Our pupils are punctual and prompt in all that they do. We use our resources responsibly, developing and caring for the environment around us. We are pioneers in discovering better ways of doing things. 



It is the generosity of today’s Durham Cathedral Schools Foundation community that helps enhance and enrich their learning inside the classroom.

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