The Old Dunelmian Society was founded in the 1880s to keep ODs in touch with one another and to support the School and its current pupils as a united body. Former pupils of the Chorister School agreed to be known as Old Dunelmians when the schools merged to become The Durham Cathedral Schools Foundation in 2021.

Today, the OD Society is the cornerstone of the Foundation’s lifelong commitment to members of the wider Dunelmian community. The OD Society is funded through a levy paid while pupils are still at school. The Levy is used to fund the production and distribution of The Dunelmian Magazine and to support the Old Dunelmian Society’s day to day activities.

The Society is run by a committee of volunteers and works very closely with the Development Office to organise a number of popular and enjoyable reunions and events every year.

There are always opportunities for ODs to become involved in the work of the Society, whether through assisting with existing events, organising new events or even by taking on a role on the committee. A range of OD merchandise, including ties, jackets and waistcoats are available through the OD Website.

The OD Society exists for the benefit of ODs, who undoubtedly make firm, lifelong and lasting friendships while at the School. What many ODs have found is having returned or attended a function after a gap (sometimes of many years), how good it is to be reacquainted with former teachers and old friends.

The online archive is often a source of interest for ODs and their families - an overview of the Foundation’s archive collections are available via the OD Website. More detailed queries can be made via email to [email protected].

A list of notable Old Dunelmians is maintained on Wikipedia for both Durham School and The Chorister School.

As a former pupil of both The Chorister School and Durham School and now being a parent of pupil at The Chorister School, I feel a great sense of pride for everything that DCSF offers and hopes it is able to continue for many more generations to come.

Mr Hooper, OD and Parent

Durham School became my home and my family. I was deeply saddened to leave after O levels. I hope my small donation will help someone else call Durham home.

Anonymous OD

Durham School has and will always have a place in my heart.

Mr Hunter, OD

Durham set me up for life. I arrived into Shell B in 1969. I left with a place at Oxford, a love of Geography, a sackful of leadership opportunities given, and perhaps above all a lifelong love of rowing: a sport I am still active in. Truly grateful.

Mr Woods, OD

I have fond memories of my time at Durham School and am still in regular contact with a number of ODs. Hopefully, my Bursary donation will go towards giving someone else the chance to go there and create their own memories.

Mr Margrave, OD

I have such fond memories of being on, and alongside, the River Wear. Without the support of teachers and coaches at Durham School, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Mr O'Neill, OD

I loved being at Durham School, it boosted my confidence in sport and education. Very good memories and lifetime friends made!

Mrs Jenkyns, OD

I'm grateful for my time at The Chorister School and Durham School.

Mr Austin, OD

In the 1940's my all too short stay at Durham completely transformed my life.

Anonymous OD

One of the lasting gifts that Durham School gave me was a love for rowing. Starting at school in 1955 I have rowed and raced every year since. Delighted to support DSBC.

Mr Kenyon, OD

Privileged to have been captain of cricket for two years. The pavilion had good memories.

Mr Newton, OD

Rowing & Sailing have made my life so many thanks to Durham School.

Mr Cullington, OD

Rowing and being a part of the boat club was one of my favourite memories of Durham School - thank you Mr Bryant!!

Miss Lowes, OD

Rowing with DSBC was a big part of my school experience - many great memories!

Miss Cameron, OD

Some of the best years of my life. Happy days.

Mrs Deptford, OD

Some wonderful times playing cricket

Mr Wilkes, OD

Studying at Durham has really propelled my life trajectory. 'Confidence for life' could not be a more accurate slogan.

Mr Bolton, OD

The boat club gave me so many experiences I never expected to have, and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to represent DSBC.

Mr Ward, OD

The boat club has been a massive part of my life since coming to Durham School in 2015. A little family within a family which I am so proud to be part of. We offer so many opportunities here and I feel so luck to teach both my passions.

Mrs Spence

There are so many things I will miss about Durham School. In particular the school community that have made my years here so enjoyable. However, on leaving school I become an Old Dunelmian which means I will most certainly be back!

Mr Mushens, OD