We believe that co-curricular opportunities enrich and develop the individual, fostering skills such as leadership, collaboration and teamwork.

Our mission is to provide pupils with a complete education; one which instils in them an aspiration for achievement, confidence for life and respect for all.

The bands offered include choir, brass group, orchestra, string group, saxophone group, guitar group, then there's musical theatre group and many more. They're all really good, you meet new people. On top of that, you have private lessons from teachers who come in from outside the school.

Ed, Year 13 Music Scholar

Rowing & Sailing have made my life so many thanks to Durham School.

Mr Cullington, OD

What I enjoyed most about Durham School was the generous support which gave me the confidence to take part in the various opportunities. The music department would hold regular concerts, which allows me, an amateur pianist, to experience what it’s like to perform on stage.

Miss Lin, OD

I have such fond memories of being on, and alongside, the River Wear. Without the support of teachers and coaches at Durham School, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Mr O'Neill, OD

Privileged to have been captain of cricket for two years. The pavilion had good memories.

Mr Newton, OD

I've thoroughly enjoyed performing in small groups, piano solos, orchestra and the school choir. Playing amongst other talented students have been a huge privilege. However, performing in Big School, Chapel, and Durham Cathedral will always hold a special place in my heart.

Miss Winter, OD

Rowing and being a part of the boat club was one of my favourite memories of Durham School - thank you Mr Bryant!!

Miss Lowes, OD

The school has not only developed my skills as a performer, but as a person as well – and for that I am so grateful.

Mr Coleman, OD

Rowing with DSBC was a big part of my school experience - many great memories!

Miss Cameron, OD

My grandson loved rowing when he attended Durham School.

Ms Fearby, Supporter

Some wonderful times playing cricket

Mr Wilkes, OD

The boat club gave me so many experiences I never expected to have, and I’m grateful to have had the opportunity to represent DSBC.

Mr Ward, OD

The cricket field gave our family great pleasure and some memorable moments.

Mr Clayton, Former Staff

Great memories watching both boys row during their time at school - thanks to the staff for their commitment to DSBC.

Anonymous Parent

The boat club has been a massive part of my life since coming to Durham School in 2015. A little family within a family which I am so proud to be part of. We offer so many opportunities here and I feel so luck to teach both my passions.

Mrs Spence

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