Kieran McLaughlin, DCSF Principal

The Foundation's values - Moral Integrity / Ambition / Responsibility / Kindness - underpin all that we do.

Our Values: M A R K

Each value has a clearly articulated group of behaviours that help pupils to understand and demonstrate M A R K.

Our Aims

At Durham Cathedral Schools Foundation, we are ambitious for pupils, staff and wider school community.

What we want to Achieve

  • We want individuals to strive for excellence in all that they do.
  • We want them to aim high and involve themselves in all areas of Foundation life with commitment.
  • We want individuals to grow as people by taking advantage of all the opportunities that are available to them at DCSF.
  • With a Christian ethos underpinning our values, we want all members of the Foundation community to be tolerant, respectful and kind.
  • We want individuals to become fully integrated members of the community, taking responsibility and fulfilling their leadership potential.
  • We want to educate and support the Choristers of Durham Cathedral so that they can sing the daily praises of God.
  • We want all Choristers to avail themselves of all the opportunities available to them at the Foundation.
  • We want the DCSF community to be diverse and inclusive, with each member working together as part of one family.
  • We want everyone in the DCSF community to be known as an individual, supported in their ambitions.
  • We want DCSF to play a wider role in the life of the City, Region and beyond through building sustainable partnerships.

Read more about our ambition for the Foundation in our Development Plan 2023-2028

Discover more about how our Aims and how MARK shapes education at Durham Cathedral Schools Foundation by attending our next Open Day.

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